Sunday, November 4, 2012

One of those days...

Today was a day that might have been better spent in bed.  Despite gaining an hour to sleep, I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning.  A cat who can't tell time woke me for good.  After getting her claw stuck in my pinky.

The place we normally go to for breakfast was packed.  A line to even get into the parking lot.  I really really had my heart set on their french toast.  We went somewhere else, and the little old woman in front of me at the buffet took every single strawberry muffin (the only reason, IMO, to go to Eat & Park for breakfast anymore). 

Our plan for the day was to drive down to WV to do some holiday shopping.  We went to an "outdoors" store, partially to equip Matt for hunting season, partially to see if I could find anything for my dad or brother.  I ended up hiding near the aquarium, after overhearing a man say that he was "stocking up in case the election goes the wrong way next week."  Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb.

We decided to try the outlet mall after that, attempting to salvage our shopping afternoon.  I found a nice jacket for my brother at Columbia.  A really great deal even.  Stopped by my parents' house and find out that my mom bought my brother the identical jacket last year.  Went back, returned it. 

Stupid stuff.  The bathroom at the restaurant we stopped at was completely out of toilet paper.  I had wanted pizza with my parents' but couldn't contend with the Steelers game and my mom feeling a bit off.  It just seemed like the world was conspiring against me, a sign I should have stayed in bed. 

But I talked to my dad for a bit, while helping him with a computer issue.  And you know what?  Today was a bad day for me.  But compared to so many people, it was nothing.  We have power, we have gas.  Our streets, our basement, not flooded.  Despite the ailments of my grandmothers, most of my family has their health.  My biggest issues were that I couldn't have the french toast I wanted, and that I had to find something else to buy my brother for Christmas. 

I'm blessed.  I need to remember that.  I'm so so very very blessed. 

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